The Biltmore

The Biltmore is a twenty two story high rise building bordering on the Gulf of Mexico. The building contains 75 condominium apartments, four of which are Penthouse units.  There are also two guest suites and a manager's unit.  The building is engineered with equipment for all major components critical to 24 hour a day mechanical operation.  

The Biltmore as a private Condominium entity began its existence in May 1997.  From its inception The Biltmore Association Board established a standard of performance as related to its manner of governance and the management of its operations that has made The Biltmore a unique reputation as one of the most beautiful and best managed luxury condominiums in Naples.  This reputation is held in high regard by all, who as owners and professional staff, have an active role in what has become – the "lifestyle" of The Biltmore.

The values and criteria that have become the key to this accomplishment have become the focus of our endeavors. While these values may be easily defined, their achievement is a credit to the Board, the operating management and owner support - all working together to achieve and maintain this lifestyle. The strength of our success has been built on the following core values:

An established priority regarding the maintenance and upkeep of our facilities. The exterior of the building and all mechanical equipment are maintained on a schedule that ensures peak condition and performance. Immaculate and pristine are valid adjectives when describing the building's common areas and are reflective of the commitment and diligence of our housekeeping and maintenance staff, taking pride in their accomplishments.

The interior décor of the building's common areas and owners' lobbyettes recently underwent a complete renovation to ensure that its design, furnishings and décor were in new condition and up to date. In addition, the fitness room was updated to include the latest state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

The Biltmore is financially sound and has positioned itself to protect its assets by way of meaningful reserves as well as liability and disaster insurance coverage. The annual operating budget is developed by our manager and undergoes a series of disciplined reviews by our Treasurer and Board prior to submission to our owners. Our manager and his staff have had a consistent record of meeting their budgeted performance goals.

The Biltmore employs its own front desk staff that provide 24/7 service.  In addition, they participate in annual training to ensure their response capabilities as regarding security issues and medical emergencies.  Included as staff employees are our mechanical maintenance teams.  Turnover in these staff positions has been minimal and is a testimonial to our Resident Manager's management skills.  He is assisted in his managerial duties by a professional administrative assistant.  Working as a team, the management and staff have been instrumental in creating a cooperative and friendly environment that is deeply appreciated by our owners and has resulted in a rewarding "sense of family" for all.  This coupled with the friendliness and respect exhibited for one another amongst our owners who is the foundation of what we refer to as – "The Biltmore Lifestyle".


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